Coordinate Converter Plus

Coordinate Converter Plus

Coordinate converter for android devices. Supported coordinate formats: latitude / longitude, decimal degrees (DD.ddd), degrees decimal minutes (DD.mmm), degrees minutes seconds (dd mm ss), utm (wgs84) and mgrs utm


  • Gps converter
  • Latitude longitude converter
  • UTM (WGS84) converter
  • MGRS converter
  • Maps
  • Convert map coordinates
  • Copy and paste coordinates
  • Share coordinates
  • Elevation units: meters / feet
  • Simple and easy to use

How to use

Gps Converter+

Turn on and use the device's gps to acquire location coordinates. Coordinates are simultenoulsy converted to UTM (WGS84), MGRS-UTM, Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) and Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM). This converter implements the EGM96 model to find the geoid for altidude correction.

Latitude Longitude Converter

Input formats supported are Decimal degrees, Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) and Degrees Decimal Minutes (DMS). Use only digits 0-9 and character ".".

UTM Converter

Supports WGS84 UTM coordinates only

MGRS Converter

Accuracy of input coordinates is 1m. Ouput accuracy is 1m, 10m, 100m, 1km , 10km

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