Coordinate Converter Plus

Version: 3.19.51.arc1950

Coordinate converter for android devices. Supported coordinate formats: latitude / longitude, decimal degrees (DD.ddd), degrees decimal minutes (DD.mmm), degrees minutes seconds (dd mm ss), utm (wgs84) and mgrs utm .. More details ..


Version: 2.17.12

This app is used for finding the reference geoid of a location using its latitude and longitude. The geoid value is used to calculate the true height above sea level of the location. Coordinates can be acquired from the device's Gps.. .. More details ..

Share Apk

Version: 1.8

Use this app for creating backup copies of your favourite apps. It can also be used to share apps using bluetooth, wifi or other apps. .. More details ..

Status Saver

Version: 5.0

Status saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. .. More details ..

Wifi Passwords

Version: 1.7

Retrieves saved names and passwords for your wifi access points. This app requires root access. .. More details ..